Shipping and Return Policy πŸ“¦

Greekify does not accept returns or exchanges on any of the items we produce. This is because all of our items are fully custom and made-to-order, just for you! Meaning as soon as you place your order, we begin printing the item. This helps eliminate waste and over-production, driving our mission towards a Net-Zero world. Read more about our Sustainability Mission.

With that said, on rare occassions mistakes can happen, and if you receive your product and it is in anyway damaged or not satisfactory, please reach out. At Greekify, we are committed towards providing high quality product to our customers, and we want to ensure you're happy with the product you received!

Due to the custom nature of our products outlined above, they may take a few extra days to arrive than you are used to with shopping other online vendors. We appreciate your patience, and know that by supporting Greekify, you are supporting the planet πŸ’š

On average, our items take betweeen 2-7 business days to process before shipping. Shipping time is (on average) an ADDITIONAL 2-6 business days. Shipping times vary for many reasons, but is largely influenced by your location.